If your roof is too large to be done in pre-fabricated time, or you are looking for a cost-effective, non-combustible roof structure, Ultra-Span is the answer.

Ultra-Span, manufactured and supplied by MiTek, is an elegant light gauge steel truss system with a clear span of 40m. The galvanised coating, inherent non-combustible properties and resistance to borer and fungus attacks make it durable, strong and last a lifetime.

Because of its lower weight, the use of Ultra-Span reduces transport costs, and improves handling and erection.

We focus mainly on mini factories, warehouses and public buildings like shopping centres and gymnasiums.

If you are an architect, structural or civil engineer, or quantity surveyor, EcoStrut wants to connect with you.

Advantages of using Ultra-Span

  • Ultra-Span is corrosion resistant.
  • No heavy machinery is required in the manufacturing process.
  • Roof trusses are not welded – the complete structure is joined and assembled with self-tapping screws – and thus speeds up the delivery process.