Has your roof been condemned? Let our team of experts first have a look at it. We love the challenge of finding ways to repair instead of replace, which saves you time and money.

EcoStrut inspects, reports on and repairs any existing roof structures. These are all done according to engineering specifications and standards. We comply with the relevant clauses of Code of Practice: The Structural Use of Steelwork [SANS 10162 Part 1 – 2001], and the Code of Practice: The General Procedures and Loadings to be adopted in the Design of Buildings [SANS 2016 – revised].

Our engineers and roofing experts pay special attention to structural repairs and maintenance, as well as roof coverings and waterproofing. When we are completely satisfied, we issue an inspection report and a compliance certificate.

We focus mainly on commercial buildings like office parks, office blocks and shopping centres. EcoStrut offers our remedial services countrywide.

Common reasons why a roof collapses

Roofs are designed to last a lifetime if you properly maintain them on a regular basis. Human error is the first and foremost reason for roof failure. Not all suppliers, manufacturers and fitters play by the rules. The three most common reasons why roofs collapse are:
• Poor workmanship when erecting.
• Third-party interference (for example, plumbers and electricians).
• Inadequate original design.

How to prevent your roof from collapsing
  • Have your roof inspected annually by professionals like EcoStrut.

  • Execute maintenance as recommended by the experts.

4 Signs that your roof is about to collapse

A roof does not cave in overnight. There are usually a number of warning signs that you need to heed. Here are four signals you need to look out for:

  • Cracks in ceilings or interior walls.
  • A sagging ceiling.
  • Roof leaks into the interior of the building.
  • Creaking, popping, or cracking sounds coming from the roof.